Monday, 30 April 2018

MOVING IMAGE 3 PROPOSAL ( documentary)

Proposal for   Moving Image Production 3  ( Documentary )

 Explain all of the following points  using detailed technical information and media terminology. You can copy relevant information and documents from your Unit 31.3 preproduction where necessary ( e.g script, sound profiles ). 

The main focus is on elements in your documentary featuring audio recording and editing.

Summary of Requirement of Unit 31.3  documentary preproduction brief 
( individual role, group roles director/editor etc. ,preproduction/production/editing tasks.
List Coulsdon College as the producer and client of your documentary.)

Subject, purpose and impact of your documentary

Recording location information
( detailed and specific information about all audio recording locations for documentary i.e interviews /presenter /studio/ambience , effects on mood and meaning , reason for selection e.g realism, sound quality, mis-en-scene , possible technical issues in audio recording to consider

Personnel  (interviewees, presenter , technical support)

Resources   (detailed and specific technical  information about microphones, computer hardware/software ,voice recorders etc. that you will be using for all audio elements of your documentary.

Spoken word information (script of  interview question and presenter/voiceover content, voiceover, accent /dialect, , techniques to be used e.g.  lip-sync , studio recording, live location recording

  Music ideas for postproduction (diegetic/non-diegetic, genre of music ,  potential effect on mood and meaning, source e.g. studio/live recording/library sounds /Garageband   any copyright and licensing issues e.g.  MCPS -PRS)  

Sound Fx ideas for postproduction (  any other possible sound effects to be added , library to be used e.g. , Foley effect details,  ambience )

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