Friday, 5 January 2018

WORKSHOP 3 : Adding music


UNIT 38 D2 
produce audio recordings for moving image from a  variety of sources to a technical quality which reflects nearprofessional standards and working independently to professional expectations

Download a  suitable  television or film videoclip   that does not contain music .

There are videofiles available on ART-MEDIA/MEDIA/SOUNDTRACK PRODUCTION/ 

If your sequence does contain music, you will need to mute the entire audio content of the scene.

If you want to make a long scene shorter , you will need to edit in in iMovie before editing the audio.

Method 1 : 

You will  be adding music   from a sound library such as freesound or  youtube  to a film sequence.

You will need a music file in a format such as mp3. This can be in any genre or style of music.

Try and choose a piece of music that changes the mood and meaning of the film sequence. You can also experiment with using different music to create different moods.

You should edit the music for length , fade in and out if necessary and add any effects to help the music blend into the scene.

When you have finished mixing the music , export the final movie as in previous workshops and save.

 Method 2 : 

You  will be using Garageband and creating suitable original diegetic or non diegetic  music  for this sequence .

Record your soundtrack using the instruments in Garageband.  Remember , music for the moving image does not need to be complicated , but should help create a mood for the viewer that matches the narrative, characters  and genre of the sequence. The music does not need to be throughout the entire scene.

Look at this tutorial and the help files in Garageband to get more familiar with how it works.

When you have finished recording and editing the music , export the movie .


You should turn off the metronome in the Control tab.

Play your notes by turning on Musical Typing in the  Window tab.

Change software instruments in the right pane....orchestra and strings are particularly good for
 film soundtracks.

Write a blog evaluation summarising the processes both methods  , the reasons for your choices , and comparing the effect you feel each method of adding music had on the mood and meaning of the scene

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