Wednesday, 29 November 2017

WORKSHOP 2 : Dubbing Dialogue

Dubbing dialogue (pairs/ 3s)

You will be muting the original audio, then  recreating  the spoken word content of  short  film scenes   and dubbing it over the original moving image sequence. 

For this workshop , your main focus should be timing and technical accuracy in lipsyncing and editing : you will not be graded for how similar  your voices or acting  are to the originals. 

  Select a suitable  film sequence from

ARTS_MEDIA / MEDIA/ 1  2018 SOUNDTRACK PRODUCTION/ Dubbing workshop clips  

or download your own from Youtube ( convert to mp4 using a Youtube converter).  The scene must  have some onscreen dialogue .

   Write a script of the  spoken word content of  the scene ( if there is a lot of dialogue, you can use just part of the scene ).

  Record your dialogue  matching your recording as closely to the original as possible. This can be done live on Garageband , with the video playing back as you record , or through practice and copying what you hear.

Don't worry about editing the other sounds in the clip: this workshop is all about dialogue.

Edit the sequence to ensure the dialogue is synced to the original sequence as closely as possible. This may involve some editing of the recordings.

  Share / Export Movie to disk   ( or File /Movie/ export audio to movie  )   as a mov file   and save to your desktop.

  Finally , upload your clips to a new blog post called DUBBING WORKSHOP ( can be via Youtube)
and write a 200-300 evaluation of your workshop experiments. 
This should include :

explanation technical methods and software/hardware used ( recording, editing , microphone type, sound quality, background noise etc)

explanation of any problems or errors

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