Monday, 27 November 2017

WORKSHOP 1 : Adding a voiceover

You will be completing a series of practical audio workshops and recording and analysing the results and the skills you have developed every week on the blog.  This will help prepare you for the next section of the unit where you will be re-recording complete audio soundtracks for moving image sequences using a range of different techniques.

WORKSHOP 1  : Adding a voiceover

Individually or in pairs, find a scene from a film or TV programme without a voiceover.  ( 1 minute approximately)

The scene should be one where there is enough space in the sound mix to allow a voiceover , and where you can add meaning to the scene by adding one.   There are examples you can use in


Write a script for a voicoever that adds mood and meaning to  the scene

Import the scene into Garageband (or another relevant editor ) and record your voiceover using your phone a voice recorder or directly into the computer

You can then save and export the edited video sequence .

Complete a blog evaluation about the workshop, explaining what you did, your intentions with the voiceover and an evaluation of its success and the audio techniques you used. Explain how your voiceover added meaning or mood to the sequence.

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