Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Case Study 5 : Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox ( Wes Anderson ) is an animated film so clearly all of the audio is created in the studio either before or after the production of the visual elements. Which audio elements would be likely to be recorded first ? The sound bed is more artificial and and stylised than other films , and sound effects tend to be more minimal and focused on specific key sounds in each scene. This contrasts with the detailed and naturalistic dialogue and a wide variety of non-diegetic music.

Analyse how sound ( music, dialogue and sound effects ) creates mood and meaning for the audience in a key scene in  " The Fantastic Mr Fox".   Use as many key terms as possible and use timings ( e.g " at 34 sec we hear diegetic classical music slowly fade into the sound mix which creates an atmosphere of fear in the audience"). 

You can also refer to the technical methods of dubbing/recording  audio used in the film's production.

 ( 500 words minimum)

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