Thursday, 5 October 2017

Case Study 3 : Fight Club

Fight Club uses audio in more flamboyant and artificial ways than the other films we have looked at, with the varied use of a voiceover , a combination of diegetic/non-diegetic musical scores and found rock music , and exaggerated hyperreal sound effects all combining and bouncing off each other to form a lively and disorientating sound mix. This clearly matches the confused and twisting narrative of the film as well as the mood of the main character.

Analyse how sound ( music, voiceover, dialogue and sound effects ) create mood and meaning for the audience in  Fight Club , focusing on  one key scene ( see below).  You can also refer to the practical techniques mentioned in the video essay.  Use as many key terms as possible and use timings ( e.g " at 34 sec we hear diegetic classical music slowly fade into the sound mix which creates an atmosphere of fear in the audience").

 ( 500 words minimum)


Rules of Fight Club

Being Tyler Durden


Interview with Fight Club's sound designer  including detail of Foley recording and room presence

Video essay on  Fight Club's sound design

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