Sunday, 28 January 2018

WORKSHOP 4 : Adding Sound effects


You  will be  replacing and adding suitable background ambience and  original diegetic sound effects ( rainfall, traffic noise, gunshots, footsteps etc.)  for a film or television sequence  

There are videofiles available on ART-MEDIA/MEDIA/SOUNDTRACK PRODUCTION/ 

You can also use a scene you have previously used for another workshop. You may want to use a scene without dialogue as you will be probably me muting the sequence.
If you want to make a long scene shorter , you will need to edit in in iMovie before adding to Garageband. This workshop requires a lot of editing so your chosen sequences can be fairly short.

Drag the videofile into Garageband and mute the original audio if necessary.

You should use a mixture of library sound effects ( freesound, Youtube etc.) and  at least one Foley sound effect(  an effect you have recorded yourself. )  The advantage of Foley sound effects is that you can make them precisely fit the scene , rather than relying on existing sounds. You can record homemade sounds such as footsteps, turning pages etc. using the laptop or your phone and then import them into your Garageband project.

Import and edit your sound effects in  Garageband  to make them sync to the visuals  and match the mood and meaning of the scene  as accurately  as possible. This may involve changing the length or pitch of the sound , or by adding effects such as reverb in Garageband. These can be accessed by clicking on Edit in the window on the right in Garageband and choosing from the list of effects.

When you have finished recording and editing the music , export the movie . ( Share/Export movie file )

Write a blog evaluation summarising the technical processes you completed , which sounds were the most challenging to recreaate, how the Foley recording was achieved and the overall technical success of your edited sequence.

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